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Skin Care


Skin tags are something you might have but you just might not know what it is. It is basically just growths along the surface of the skin. These growths can be either benign or malignant or both, and they usually look like moles or bumpy discolorations. They are not painful or cancerous and can be found anywhere on the surface of your skin.

They have the tendency to appear in the places of folds of the skin such as:

  • Armpits
  • Groin
  • Thighs
  • Eyelids
  • Neck
  • Under The Breasts

How can you get rid of skin tags?

If the skin tag is really small it can fall off on its own and not bother you, you can even accidentally rub them off your skin with your hand. But if your skin tags are quite big they need minor half-invasive procedures if you want to remove them.

There are several methods that are used to remove skin tags:

  • Cryotherapy: the skin around and the skin tag itself is frozen with the help of liquid nitrogen.
  • Excision Surgery: the skin tag is removed with the surgical knife or scalpel.
  • Electrosurgery: burning off of the skin tags using electrical current.
  • Ligation: disabling of the blood supply to a skin tag with the help of surgical thread.
  • Laser Resurfacing: removing the skin tag with the help of high heat laser.

If you are wondering what type of skin tag removal procedure will suit you, you should know that it all depends on how big the skin tag is and it can only be determined by the specialist. Since skin tags are not dangerous you are not required to get rid of them, however, for cosmetic reasons many people like using this procedure.

That is why if you found a skin tag on the surface of your skin and want to remove it you can contact us. We will consult you on the best way to remove your skin tag and then remove it quickly and safely.